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In this section, you will find a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding our transition from 100TB to THG Ingenuity Hosting. If you do not see an answer to your specific question, be sure to contact our expert technical support team and they will be happy to assist you.  


What is THG



THG Ingenuity Hosting is a combination of hosting brands, including 100TB, UK2.NET, VPS.NET, Midphase, and WestHost. Rebranding as THG Ingenuity Hosting creates an opportunity for growth and development for 100TB as well as the other brands that are included in the merge. Along with the excellent services and support supported by 100TB, THG Ingenuity Hosting will also combine international growth and ecommerce advantages harnessed by The Hut Group.  


What changes can I expect from the rebrand? 

While our websites, brand, and logos are changing, you can expect very little difference in the functionality of your services and support. When you visit our websites, you will be greeted with all new colors and designdesigns. However, the products, tools, and services you love will be the same services you would expect to find from 


Will my services change? 

No, your account, services, billing, and Account Managers will not change. 


Will my billing change? 

No, your billing will still have 100TB information for the foreseeable future, and you will not need to reenter your billing information. If you have additional billing questions, please do not hesitate to contact our billing team at your earliest convenience.  


Will the legal entity that I'm contracted with change? 

No, your contract is still with 100TB. 


Will my pricing change? 

The pricing for your current 100TB services will not change during your contract term. As with any service, the price may change in the future. However, that will not occur unless new services are added, or your contract needs renewal. 


Where will I log in to manage my services? Will my credentials change? 

To log into your account or manage your services, simply access Console as you normally would. There is no need to make changes to your username and password. However, if you also have services with UK2.NET, VPS.NET, Midphase, or WestHost, then you may be asked which account you would like to log into. 


Will there be downtime due to the rebrand? 

No, there will be no service disruption and you should not experience any unscheduled downtime.  


When is the rebrand taking place? 

You can expect to be greeted with THG Ingenuity Hosting logos and brands sometime during Q3 of 2019. 


How do I contact support? 

Support contact methods will not change. You may still contact our expert support team via chat, phone, or by creating a ticket within your Console account. Remember that our support staff are currently, and will continue to be, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  


Will I have a new Account Manager? 

Your Account Manager will not change during the rebrand. Feel free to reach out to your Account Manager at any time to discuss any questions you may have about the rebrand.  


Do I need to take any action during the rebrand? 

No action is required by clients during the transition to THG Ingenuity Hosting. Continue to use your 100TB services as usual and, as always, be sure to let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding these exciting changes.