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  1. Server bandwidth usage can be accessed by clicking Dedicated Servers in the left-hand menu. Next, double-click on the server you would like to monitor from the list provided. You can see the Total Usage, Projected Usage, and server bandwidth allocation for the current billing period, or choose a custom date range. 

  2. Pool bandwidth usage is accessed by clicking Bandwidth from the left-hand menu. You will see a list of all the pools your servers are included in. From here you can view Total Usage, Projected Usage, and Bandwidth Allocation at the pool level, as well as view the individual servers that make up a pool. You can view excess usage charges for each data center by clicking on the Excess Usage Charges tab. 


    Add extra bandwidth to your servers – currently available in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and New York City

    If you require more bandwidth than the amount currently allocated to your server or overall pool/data center, you can purchase Bandwidth Add-Ons. This enables you to add an extra 50TB, 100TB, or 500TB of monthly bandwidth allocation for a fixed fee.

    You can purchase a Bandwidth Add-On at any time during a billing period, and immediately add the amount to your total allocation for the server/pool. You will be billed the full amount for the Bandwidth Add-On at the same time. You can purchase Bandwidth Add-Ons in both the Bandwidth and Dedicated Servers areas within Console. 

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    titleBandwidth Usage

    Projected bandwidth usage is calculated based on bandwidth usage during this billing period, extrapolated forward for the time remaining in the period. The amount you see is a prorated estimate. Your actual bandwidth usage for the full billing period may be significantly higher or lower than the current projection depending on actual usage.