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The Domain Name System

DNS is the name of the service and method by which domain information and records are organized, stored, transferred, and utilized by server and client devices. Most users understand DNS as what converts a domain (such as into an IP address (such as Server administrators typically understand this a bit more in-depth, and realize that a DNS ‘A’ record is required to convert the user-friendly name of into its corresponding IP address. Client machines will then look for a cached copy of this record and use that. If none exists, a live lookup is performed on the DNS ‘zone’ for, the IP address discovered, and then cached for future use.


Once our nameservers are authoritative for your domain, you will be able to add the domain’s zone file into your Tera panel at This is done via Apps >> DNS >> Add Domain. You will be asked for an initial IPv4 address; think of this as the IP address that visitors will use to access Once the DNS zone has been created, you will be able to add ‘A’, ‘AAAA’, ‘CNAME’, ‘MX’, and ‘TXT’ records through your Tera panel.


Why does DNS take so long to change?

In short, this is because DNS records are cached in order to optimize the speed of website page requests. Your computer does not look for a new record until the expiration time set for the old record is reached!

If a domain name request does not update immediately from your location, this is because the TTL record (that is the Time-To-Live - a time limit, usually in seconds) that was previously set in a domain name’s DNS record has not yet expired. Often, this time limit is set to 24 or 48 hours to increase caching potential (consequently increasing the speed of website loading times) and reduce load on the authoritative nameservers.


Reverse DNS / Pointer Record

Reverse DNS (a.k.a rDNS or PTR) is the reverse domain-lookup record for an IP address. This record is set by your server hosting provider. For servers hosted with you are able to set PTR records in your Tera panel (Apps >> My Servers >> double click a server >> Network >> RDNS). Our support team will also be happy to set PTR records for you - feel free to send us a support ticket and we’ll action it right away!