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Peace of mind. SSL Certificates you can trust.

Provide a safe online environment for your customers with SSL certificates. SSL protects and secures your website, preventing any data and identity theft that site visitors could be at risk from while also giving your website visitors peace of mind that their data is secure. The unlimited, free SSL certificates take the headache out of an essential part of any customer-facing website, as a vast majority of customers will refuse to do business with a website which is not protected by SSL.


We partner with trusted SSL providers, whose world-renowned protection services are respected worldwide. These respected providers will provide a certificate of security that you and your customers can trust implicitly.


From a choice ranging from free SSL certificates through to Dedicated Comodo SSL certificates, your SSL is easily managed through the intelligent 100TB Console, where you can upgrade your certificates and make any changes quickly and easily.


Our free SSL certificates and dedicated SSL certificates offer 256-bit encryption protect your customer’s sensitive data to the highest possible standard, and help you provide a trusted and secure online environment for your website’s visitors.


Positive SSL

Positive Wildcard

Comodo EV

Warranty $10,000 $10,000 $1,750,000
Validation Domain Validation Domain Validation Organization Validated to EV
2048 bit roots Y Y Y
Encryption 256 Bit 256 Bit 256 Bit
30 day money back N/A Y Y
Free Site Seal Y Y Y
Green Bar (including XP) N N Y
Unlimited Re-issuance Y Y Y
Unlimited Server Licenses Y Y Y
Cost Free $99/yr $500/yr

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