Platform Security

Your data. Kept secure by our platform.

Your data is safe in our hands. The protection of your sensitive information is at the center of our security efforts, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your data is under lock and key. Each data center is stringently protected by a technological troop of guard dogs to ensure that only those with authorized access are able to enter and interact with any server hardware. Beyond the front line, your hardware is secured by layered access controls and monitored around the clock. We also offer an optional managed firewall to provide the utmost in online security, which is a recommended tool to boost any server security.

DC & Network Security

The security systems at each of our data centers are designed to act as a guard dog for your data and hardware, protecting it from malicious threats from both inside and outside the data center. Each of our data centres is equipped with:

  • 24x7 full proximity digital video surveillance
  • Restricted biometric access with proximity keycard control, forming a rigid two-factor authentication process
  • Locking, restricted access cabinets
  • 24x7x365 NOC support
  • 24x7 on-site security detail
  • Optional managed firewall
  • Overhead and underfloor VESDA fire protection system

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