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Operating systems. Primed and ready for deployment.

Arm your environment with a wide range of software packages from 100TB. We support all major operating systems, including all mainstream Linux distributions, Windows and mainstream BSD operating systems, as well as the ability to facilitate custom OS templates. We store a range of control panels which fit perfectly with any number of these operating systems. We’ll give you more than just bare bones though. We don’t provide only minimal OS templates, we can load them with custom packages and partitions and can also load virtualization technologies onto your services. In addition, we have security that can be layered on top of your servers at the software level.

Free Operating Systems

We offer a range of installation templates for the following operating systems - and we can facilitate the installation of custom templates to speed up future expansion of your infrastructure. Please chat to our sales team to discuss your requirements.

  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • FreeBSD
  • OpenSUSE
  • Proxmox VE
  • Scientific Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • VMWare ESXi
  • XenServer

Paid Operating Systems

We offer a selection of licensed operating systems, including Microsoft Windows Server and RedHat Enterprise Linux. We can install custom templates to speed up provisioning of future services - please chat to our sales team to discuss your requirements.

  • Windows Server 2016
    • 8 cores (minimum licence cover required by Microsoft) - $20/mo
    • 16 cores - $40/mo
    • 20 cores - $50/mo
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux ES


Designed to take the strain out of server management, cPanel is the world’s favorite control panel software. Working seamlessly alongside the 100TB Console, cPanel can help you minimize your sysAd workload and maximize your server’s potential. Benefiting from a host of quality features and with almost 20 years of server management experience, cPanel is a great choice for servers large and small. If you need a control panel to help you to manage your servers, we recommend cPanel to our customers first.

  • From $25.00 per month


Plesk’s control panel is designed to make managing WordPress websites much simpler. It works seamlessly alongside the 100TB Console and can help you manage and secure your WordPress installations from a powerful, mobile-friendly dashboard hosted on your server. It saves you time by monitoring your web server for vulnerabilities, helps to defend against malicious users and prevents your server’s IP address from being blacklisted for spamming.

  • From $40.00 per month

Server Density

Worldwide monitoring for your servers, to both monitor uptime and performance, monitor from 30 locations to ensure you can see what the performance is like from where all of your visitors are, with advanced alerting for things such as nginx, MongoDB, you know you are in good hands whatever your tech stack may be. We include Server Density Lite free of charge with all 100TB servers, or you can opt for the full version to get access more advanced features like SMS alerts.

  • Server Density Lite: Included
  • Server Density: $7.50 per month

Core Platform Features

All 100TB products and services are built with performance in mind. Our fully-owned networks use Cisco’s latest flagship networking gear from top to bottom. This state-of-the-art hardware enables us to deliver 100% of the bandwidth you need on Bare Metal Servers.


  • Over 5.9Tbps global network capacity
  • No-compromise performance-focused network stack
  • Cisco & Juniper routing equipment
  • 1Gbps Premium Network with 100TB bandwidth as standard
  • Premium, 10Gbps, Volume & Private networks available
  • Noction intelligent routing optimization
  • Up to 1PB monthly bandwidth on our 10Gbps network
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Data Centers

  • 100TB-operated data center facilities in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, New York, and Salt Lake City.
  • 24 data centers available globally through our trusted partners
  • Full network, cooling and power redundancy
  • Dual power grids
  • Revolutionary cooling design
  • Multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers in our ultra-redundant BGP network
  • 24x7 CCTV monitoring
  • Staffed 24x7 by 100TB engineers
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