Infrastructure for your first $1,000 to $1,000,000+

Store opening hours are a relic from the past. Customers are now doing the majority of their shopping online, meaning your business can spike at any time - day or night.   We’ll make sure your doors are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year—no matter how busy it gets.


Our Bare Metal servers and network can handle extreme surges in customer demand. Full redundancy at every layer creates a seamless customer journey from browsing to buying.

Peace of mind

Whether you’re looking for SSL certificates, firewalls or an uptime SLA, we’ve got your back. We'll let you focus on keeping your customers happy and making your business a success.


Our advanced API gives you the ability to scale your business quickly to meet seasonal surges in demand. We can deploy load balancers with SSL offload, and we’ve got extensive experience in building large, highly scalable databases.

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E-commerce applications can vary massively in their requirements, so any of our experts would be delighted to discuss the best solution for your needs. We run our own e-commerce business and work with a large number of successful online shops - we’d love to help you with a bespoke solution that enables you to grow your online business.

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Scale With Seasonal Demand

The largest online stores run behind multiple load balancers with SSL offload enabled. This gives the customer peace of mind, knowing that their sensitive data is in a secure environment, and enables you to scale your business seamlessly. With the on-demand nature of 100TB’s services, you can automate deployment of additional resources to meet demand - it’ll all be deployed inside your own load-balanced VLAN.

Build Unique Customer Insights

Our Big Data e-commerce solutions can be integrated with your online store to give you unrivalled insight into your customers and their buying triggers. Monitor and analyze behavioral data generated by your customers - find out the pages they visit, what interests them, how long they stay, when they leave and understand their purchase journey so that you can drive higher engagement.

On-demand Service

We can rapidly orchestrate new Big Data e-commerce solutions and e-commerce servers as your product catalog, customer database and use of analytics grows. The servers are ready for you when you need them. This means you can understand your customers better to unlock future potential and growth to fulfil your ambitions.

Dynamic Delivery

Distributed online stores hosted on 100TB’s infrastructure will be able to support dynamic delivery, including customer recommendations based on their browsing history or interests to drive increased customer engagement. The more relevant the products you show to your customers, the more inclined they will be to buy from your store - our e-commerce servers have the capacity and capability to make this happen.

Core Platform Features

All 100TB products and services are built with performance in mind. Our fully-owned networks use Cisco’s latest flagship networking gear from top to bottom, while SoftLayer-operated networks use Cisco and Juniper routing equipment. This enables us to deliver 100TB of bandwidth on all our standard bare metal servers as well as an industry-leading 1PB of bandwidth on our 10Gbps network.

We’ve focused on delivering maximum availability, rapid provisioning and the best performance on all 100TB services.


  • Over 2.8Tbps global network capacity
  • No-compromise performance-focused network stack
  • Cisco & Juniper routing equipment
  • 1Gbps Premium Network with 100TB bandwidth as standard
  • Premium, 10Gbps, Volume & Private networks available
  • Noction intelligent routing optimization
  • Up to 1PB monthly bandwidth on our 10Gbps network
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Data Centers

  • Seven 100TB-operated data center facilities in Amsterdam, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City and Salt Lake City
  • Plus 18 SoftLayer-operated data centers spread across the world
  • Full network, cooling & power redundancy
  • Dual power grids
  • Revolutionary cooling design
  • Multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers in our ultra-redundant BGP network
  • 24x7 CCTV monitoring
  • Staffed 24x7 by 100TB engineers
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