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We love working with entrepreneurs. There’s something magical about the transformation from an idea to a fast-moving business, so we've built our infrastructure to scale with the flexible needs of growing start-ups. Our experts have a wealth of knowledge they're eager to share with new businesses - so come and talk to us.

Peace of mind

We've worked with many start-ups in our time, so you have the reassurance that a fully experienced team is on hand to help you solve any teething problems as you lay the foundations of your business.


Your business can grow quickly beyond even your wildest dreams, and that can lead to infrastructure problems. 100TB’s on-demand platform is built to rapidly scale to meet our customers’ needs, so you can focus on building the future.


Our network is designed for high-performance applications and we’re constantly exploring the next-generation of customer need. We’ll enable you to build that without technical constraint as our relentless drive means we always strive to improve our platform.

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Virtual Servers

Built for speed, our Virtual Servers offer the ultimate in affordable, scalable and high-performance hosting. Powered by the latest in SSD disks in RAID 10, our Virtual Servers are able to run your application seamlessly.

From $5.00 per month

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Bare Metal Servers

Our Bare Metal Dedicated Server range provides you with the utmost in control and performance. Built on our powerful Cisco networks and delivered with enterprise-grade hardware, 100TB’s Bare Metal Servers give you full control of your environment and true isolation from other users.

From $115.00 per month

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High performance servers need to be combined with a high performance network to give the customer experience you want for your end users. Our global network is designed from the ground up to deliver this.

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Global Scalability

The selling power of the internet is ungoverned by geographic distances with 100TB. We enable startups to extend their footprint around the globe at startup costs without sacrificing quality. The 100TB network spans five continents to remove geographic limitation and enable your business growth potential. Our API allows you to scale seamlessly and instantly add more resources during peak traffic times, i.e. Black Friday or other high traffic periods.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Over the past 20 years in the infrastructure industry, 100TB has grown up from a small startup business into the thriving company it is today. We understand what it takes to survive and thrive as a startup or small businesses and are ready to provide your growing business with a growth-focused solution.

Our mission is to translate the excitement and passion that accompanies building your business into effective infrastructure solutions that scale with your success. Whether you are in the first year of your startup journey or if you are like us and have been around the block for many years, we are here to support and uplift you in your entrepreneurial adventure.

Secure Connections

Ecommerce retailers know how important security is to the success of their business. Malicious hacks are daily occurrences and it only takes a single unsecured moment to destroy brand reputation and authority. 100TB specializes in providing the tools you need to keep data and applications secure. We have your security needs covered so that both you and your customers can rest assured you can be protected.

Continued Support

Entrepreneurs have enough on their plate without worrying about complicated technical processes. Our expert technical support team is available around the clock to answer questions, provide clarity, and walk you through server administration. With 100TB, you’re never alone in your quest to provide quality products and services to the world at large. We act as a helping hand to protect, store, and deliver your data both day and night.

Core Platform Features

All 100TB products and services are built with performance in mind. Our fully-owned networks use Cisco’s latest flagship networking gear from top to bottom. This state-of-the-art hardware enables us to deliver 100% of the bandwidth you need on Bare Metal Servers.


  • Over 5.9Tbps global network capacity
  • No-compromise performance-focused network stack
  • Cisco & Juniper routing equipment
  • 1Gbps Premium Network with 100TB bandwidth as standard
  • Premium, 10Gbps, Volume & Private networks available
  • Noction intelligent routing optimization
  • Up to 1PB monthly bandwidth on our 10Gbps network
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Data Centers

  • 100TB-operated data center facilities in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, New York, and Salt Lake City.
  • 24 data centers available globally through our trusted partners
  • Full network, cooling and power redundancy
  • Dual power grids
  • Revolutionary cooling design
  • Multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers in our ultra-redundant BGP network
  • 24x7 CCTV monitoring
  • Staffed 24x7 by 100TB engineers
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